Don't settle for writing that's good enough.

You've got the idea. You've got the target. You've got the drive. What you don't have is the words for your ad, letter, or article.

Well, I do.

Here is a partial list of the services I provide.

  • Sales Letters - While the general public thinks a sales letter is something designed to fill a trash can, its real purpose is to get the recipient to read, to connect, and to act. Do you want your next sales letter to accomplish these goals? Contact me now and tell me about your next sales letter project.
  • Emails - Emails are so easy to discard unread, that it is something of an art form to get someone to even open one, let alone read it. Too bad that so many focus so much on the former, that they forget the latter. Luckily, I'm not one of them. Contact me now and describe your next email marketing project.
  • Web content - the text on your web pages is not there to fill the white space between eye catching graphics. It is there to inform, advise, be useful, and yes, induce the visitor to perform an action. All this, mind you, while convincing the search engines to give the page a good ranking. Tricky! Contact me now to tell me about your web site project.
  • Brochures - Think of a brochure as a guided tour of your product or service. While the graphics and images are the exhibits, the text is the guide. You don't want a guide who mumbles , acts bored, or drones on endlessly about irrelevencies. Contact me now about your next brochure project.
  • White papers, articles, case studies - Sometimes you just want to share your expertise. Maybe brag a little about how you solved some difficult problem for a customer or client. Hey, it's all good. If you do the work, you get the glory. Contact me now about your next white paper, article or case study project.

If your blank screen is staring at you,
And you haven't the foggiest clue,
Then click down below,
To my contact page go,
And I'll tell you just what I can do.

Contact me now and tell me about any creative writing project you are considering. And yes, that includes poetry and lyrics.